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Live Webinar Schedule
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CE Restoring Caries and Preventing New Disease: A Winning Combination
Presenter: Pamela Maragliano-Muniz, D.M.D.
We have to consider the environment where we place our restorations. There are numerous oral environmental factors that contribute to caries and if not considered, it can severely compromise the longevity of our restorations. There are new technologies available to not only promote favorable long-term outcomes in our restorations, but also to create an environment conducive to dental health. This CE webinar will discuss the factors that contribute to caries, restorative options, including glass ionomer technology and techniques to create therapeutic restorations and preventive recommendations to minimize caries risk.
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Wed 3/27/19  7:00 PM ET 
  6:00 PM CT 
  4:00 PM PT 
Wed 3/27/19   11:00 PM UTC
CE Injectables Take the Sting Out of Composite Placement
Presenter: Sam Simos, D.D.S.
The evolution of today’s restoratives has advanced at a staggering pace. This CE webinar explores the most recent advancements of injectable composites and how they will transform the way you do dentistry. We will break down and simplify the components of successful composite placement through a look at preparation design to an exploration of the latest adhesives and curing lights currently available. Don’t miss this CE webinar for valuable up to date information on materials and techniques you will put into practice the next day.
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Wed 4/17/19  7:00 PM ET 
  6:00 PM CT 
  4:00 PM PT 
Wed 4/17/19   11:00 PM UTC
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