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Live Webinar Schedule
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CE Understanding Restorative Options for Direct Composite Restorations
Presenter: Dr. Bob Lowe
For most general practitioners, direct composite restorations are a large part of everyday dental practice. Many clinicians have a “favorite material” or “favorite technique” that is universally applied to all clinical situations. Given the variety of patients and clinical issues that present, is important that the dentist “be the doctor” and prescribe the restorative material that is best for each clinical situation! This CE webinar will explore different approaches to the restoration of a Class II cavity preparation based on clinical parameters and discuss techniques and materials choices that will help to maximize results and restoration longevity.
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Tue 8/27/19  7:00 PM ET 
  6:00 PM CT 
  4:00 PM PT 
Tue 8/27/19   11:00 PM UTC
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