Live Webinar Schedule
Live Webinar Schedule
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CE Minimal Intervention Treatments for Maximum Prevention
Presenter: Crystal Spring, BS, RDH, LAP
This CE webinar is designed to expand your clinical knowledge of innovative products that offer more preventative options. If you’re tired of seeing patients come back with caries (and we all know they’re tired of the pain and inconvenience), learn how to stop the caries cycle using more non-invasive treatments. Glass Ionomer sealants are not just for public health patients. They are not only proven effective, but they can be applied in even the most difficult situations because there are no bonding agents or isolation necessary. You’ll not only be treating vulnerable sites and patients, but the slow release of fluoride will keep protecting them between visits. You’ll learn about products that offer your patients sensitivity relief, greater fluoride protection, and the prevention of white spot lesions.
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Wed 3/29/23  7:00 PM ET 
  6:00 PM CT 
  4:00 PM PT 
Wed 3/29/23   11:00 PM UTC
CE Problem Driven Material Selection
Presenter: Dr. Todd Snyder
There are so many different direct restoration restorative materials available that it often gets overwhelming as to what one should buy or use. At the same time dentists want simplification in their systems and a good return on their investment of time and materials. This CE webinar will discuss various types of direct restorative materials and how we can simplify our systems and create the best possible outcome for our patients.
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Thu 4/6/23  7:00 PM ET 
  6:00 PM CT 
  4:00 PM PT 
Thu 4/6/23   11:00 PM UTC
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